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Spring Snow

April 30, 2010

April 25, 2010. Above Cascade Lake

After a subpar winter snow wise here in Yellowstone, the spring has brought us several good storms. One rages outside now, dropping lots of heavy wet snow all over Yellowstone all the way down to the streets of Gardiner. Not enough to make up the deficit, but enough to help and keep things interesting as always here in Yellowstone. Just when you think summer is just around the corner, winter comes swooping back in. I love it! I glance out our Bunkhouse window towards Sepulcher and Electric. They our obscured by white. Snow droops down the windshield of the Honda. The park gains a much needed reprieve from rapid snow melt. Earlier this spring I was told that the moisture level of the park snowpack is the lowest in 40 years. About half of normal. Bringing thoughts of very low rivers and raging fires. The spring has helped. Without our several big spring storms, most of the park’s snow would be gone. We had a big multi-day storm at the end of March beginning of April that nearly doubled the snowpack on the ground at most of the interior locations we have been working at on Bull Crew, and freshened the skiing up beautifully. The present storm is doing the same. Over the previous two weeks the weak snowpack had been melting fast. This will prolong its life and extend skiing possibilities that were going fast for a couple more weeks. And the snow will make the Bull Crew more popular than ever as locations scramble to open for the summer season. Old Faithful Snow Lodge opens for the summer season today. We were down there yesterday shoveling them out once again. As snow continues to fly, the summer crowds slowly begin their invasion on ice covered roads.

Telebirds at rest above Cascade Lake

April 17, 2010. Mike on the Swan's Fin.

Em on Sepulcher.


Bull Crew

April 17, 2010

Largo Tiempo. Tiempo Largo. Been a long time since I blogged and rolled. Over tres meses. Still live and kickin’. Living in Gardiner presently. Working for the Bull Crew in Post Snow Lodge life. Monday thru Thursday, 10 hour days going into the park and moving snow at locations. Weekends have been full of skiing. We got out of Snow Lodge March 10, spent a night at Chico, and then three nights at Kings Hill Cabin, skiing at Showdown, Silver Crest Cross Country Trails, and up above the cabin on King’s Hill. Curtis and Bethanie met us there. Then back to Gardiner and work. Me on the Bull Crew and Em at Human Resources. Summer plans are still materializing. The birthing process continues.

Still Standin'

Crutcher Man

Drew tells it like it is. Irvin does his thing.

446 and the Boys

58 at Canyon. RIP.