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Hot Tub Technician

May 15, 2010

" Where are all the hot tubs?" Cinco de Ocho Top Notch Research. May 8, 2010

My two month Bull Crew stint came to an end on Thursday May 13, 2010. The Pickled Shoveler party took place on Wednesday at the K-Bar, marking the end of another Yellowstone Spring Snow Removal Season on the Bull Crew. My 8th in all: 1997-2002, 2009, 2010. Still one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. Always something and somewhere different. Whether it be shoveling and blowing snow across the park, moving kitchen equipment, moving the Madison warming hut, landscaping Mammoth, and the list of odd jobs that only the Bull Crew can do goes on. We now have one week off before checking back in on our summer contracts. Em at Human Resources and me as the Mammoth Hot Springs Hot Tub Technician. A maintenance gig caring for the four hot tubs at Mammoth. When I am not caring for the Hot Tubs, I will be General Maintenance. The one and only Hot Tub Technician in the park. We will continue to live down in Gardiner at the Bunkhouse. My first summer in Yellowstone not working at Lake where I spentĀ  the summers of 1992, and 1994-2001. Looking forward to picking up some new skills and exploring new terrain. We head to Moscow, Idaho tomorrow to finally get our stuff out of storage where it has sat since leaving for Japan in June of 2005. We are renting a U-Haul and dragging it back here to Gardiner where we have secured another storage unit. We will stay in Missoula tomorrow and hang out with old Yellowstone friends and their kids. Back to work as Hot Tub Technician on May 20. Let the research continue.

"Seen any Hot Tubs down there?" Fellow Technicians conducting research. Top Notch May 8, 2010.