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Project Object #16: Ross Neehan Foundry #15 Cast Iron Farm Bell

May 21, 2016

This bell was bolted to a post in the yard of the East Brewton, AL house we have been caretaking for the past six months. The house was owned by my wife’s grandfather and step grandmother. My mother-in-law inherited the house when they passed. She is trying to sell the house, and we have been caretaking it as it sits on the market. Getting the bell and its rusted nuts and bolts off the post was a bit of an ordeal but well worth the effort. After sawing the top of the post off, I was able to break off the pieces of the chunk of wood that came with the bolts and finally able to get the nuts off the bolts. I listed the item on the Pensacola Craigslist, the closest to East Brewton, with a $150 asking price. After two weeks on Craigslist, an inquiry was made and the individual offered $120. We took the offer and the bell found a new and loving home.

Pensacola Craigslist description:

This #15 cast iron farm bell was manufactured by the Ross Neehan Foundry Co. of Chattanooga, TN. The date of the bell is unknown. The bottom of the bell is 14.5″ in diameter, and the height of the bell itself is 9.5″. The bell’s yoke is 17″ wide at its crank and 9″ wide at its top. The bell’s clapper is 10″ long with a 2.5″ diameter clapper ball.

The bell comes with its original upright. The upright is 18″ tall. It is 4.5″ wide at its bottom, 15″ wide at its top, and 19″ wide at its widest point. The upright has three bolt holes in it. The original three 7″ long bolts are rusted and should likely be replaced. However, the original bolts and their nuts will come with the bell for reference or use. The bell is fully functional, finely aged, and sounds great!


Project Object #15: Barqs Root Beer 1992 Soviet Stuff Set: USSR Pins, Ribbon, Stamp, Gorbachev Tatoo

May 21, 2016

I originally listed this item in a 10 day ebay auction with a starting price of $7.50. It went through several rounds with no takers. I lowered the price to $4.99. It went through several more rounds before selling on May 12, 2016 with one bid of $4.99.

artifactlandscape9 description:

This set of “Soviet Stuff” is from a Barqs Root Beer promotional campaign in 1992. As the Soviet Union crumbled, Barqs seized on the empire’s downfall to sell their root beer in the U.S.  The promotion was billed as a Soviet Union Going Out of Business Sale. Working with contacts in the Russian Mafia, Barqs officials traveled to Russia and bought warehouse loads of unwanted Soviet schwag as the communist bureaucracy crumbled. For  proofs of purchase and 50 cents shipping and handling, Barqs drinkers could cash in on the demise of the “Evil Empire” and get a box of Soviet memorabilia to celebrate the end of the Cold War.

This set of “Soviet Stuff ” is complete and has sat in its plastic box since it was received in 1992. The set contains two Soviet pins, a ribbon, a postage stamp, a Mikhail Gorbachev birthmark tatoo, and the Barqs certificate of authenticity for the “Soviet Stuff” contained within. Resist the beginning of a new Cold War and remember the ending of the first with these mind blowing pieces of cola and communist history!

Project Object #14: Vintage Early 1980s Laich Full Size Baltimore Orioles Souvenir Plastic Helmet

May 21, 2016

I originally listed this item in a 10 day ebay auction with a starting price of $7.99. No takers through several rounds. I eventually dropped the starting price to $4.99. After a couple more rounds, it sold on April 28, 2016 with a lone bid of $4.99. This helmet pulled a lot of  non-game duty on my head in the early 1980s when I played on the Double A and Triple A Orioles of Christy Mathewson Little League in Williamsville, NY. Normally a Yankees fan, I also developed an allegiance for the Orioles during this time. A Maryland resident bought the helmet off ebay. Go Orioles!

artifactlandscape9 description:

This full-size Baltimore Orioles souvenir plastic baseball helmet dates from the early 1980s. Made by Laich Industries: Sports Products Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio, the helmet features a fully functioning adjustable headband able to accommodate most head sizes. Over the years, Orioles hats and helmets have featured different color combos and logos. This black, white, and orange color combo and this particular version of the Cartoon Oriole graced the team’s hats and helmets from 1979-1988.

In 1989, the team dropped the Cartoon Oriole and the black, white, and orange color combo in favor of the Ornithologically Correct Oriole featured on black hats and helmets. The team retired the version of the Cartoon Oriole featured on this helmet. In 2012, the franchise revived the Cartoon Oriole and the black, white, and orange color scheme for the team’s hats and helmets. However, the newest version of the Cartoon Oriole wears a larger baseball cap that is also emblazoned with “O’s.” This helmet does not include those new elements and makes it a great piece of Orioles history.

The helmet features character building scuffs obtained from rooting for the Orioles during the early 1980s (see photos). With this vintage throwback, you too can be transported back to this early era of Cal Ripken Jr.’s legendary run with the Orioles!

Project Object #13: Pair of Early 1980s Alabama Crimson Tide “BAMA ROLL TIDE” Matchbook Covers

May 10, 2016

This was the second foray into selling matchbook covers. Like the L.A. Rams cover this was also sports related. I listed the pair for $.99 in a ten day ebay auction. They went through a couple rounds of auctions before being picked up for $.99 on April 21, 2016 by the lone bidder. Roll Tide!

artifactlandscape9 description

This offer is for a pair of “BAMA ROLL TIDE” matchbook covers from the early 1980s. Bancroft Spec. Corp in Mobile, AL manufactured the items. The matches have been shucked from the covers. Roll Tide!

Project Object #12: Vintage Buffalo Sabres 10th Anniversary 1970-1980 Viceroy Hockey Puck

May 2, 2016

I originally listed this item in a 10 day ebay auction for $12.99. It went through several rounds with no takers. I lowered the price to $9.99 and once again listed it in a couple ten day ebay auctions. The puck finally sold for $9.99 on April 14, 2016.

artifactlandscape9 description:

This Viceroy Hockey Puck commemorates the Buffalo Sabres 10th Anniversary season of 1980-1981. During that season, I bought the puck at a souvenir stand at a Sabres game in the now demolished Buffalo Memorial Auditorium. The Sabres entered the National Hockey League in 1970 with the Vancouver Canucks, raising the number of teams in the NHL to fourteen at the time. 

In the team’s 10th Anniversary season of 1980-1981, the Sabres won the regular season Adams Divison title behind Danny Gare and Gilbert Perreault before exiting the playoffs in a second round loss to the Minnesota North Stars. This puck has some blemishes (consult the pictures above) but its rarity more than makes up for them. The puck was a shelf piece for decades and will continue to make a wonderful piece of Sabres’ history in its new home!

Project Object #11: Original 1987 Hasbro Worlds of Wonder G.I. Joe Lazer Battle Laser Tag Gun

May 2, 2016

I originally listed this item in a 10 day ebay auction with a starting bid price of $13.50. There were no takers through a couple of auction go rounds. I dropped the price to $9.99. Still no takers through a couple more auction rounds. I finally decided to drop the starting bid price to $5.99. It sold in a ten day auction for $5.99 on April 14, 2016. Read the questions below the item description to see where the gun’s future lies. Sounds like a cool new home that beats sitting in a storage bin!

artifactlandscape9 description

In 1987, G.I. Joe got in on the burgeoning popularity of laser tag. Hasbro contracted Worlds of Wonder to make the G.I. Joe Lazer Battle line.  This gun is from that line. The gun comes alone. The chest target, box, and packaging have been lost to time. The gun works and is powered by a 9-volt battery (not included). It is in great shape and will make a wonderful addition to any laser tag or G.I. Joe collection!

Q: Sorry to bother Is it possible to open the gun to get at the trigger. I need to run wires up into the grip. I will mount this on a Fokker kiddie ride as the machine gun. I need to wire it to the rides system inorder to have the sounds when the trigger is pulled Apr-13-16
A: I think you can access the trigger through the battery compartment door at the bottom of the grip. That may give you enough access to run your wires. There are also screws at various locales on the gun that should allow you to open up the gun and get at its interior if you need more access than the battery compartment door. Sounds like a cool ride!
Q: Could you please tell me the measurement of the gun from front to rear Apr-11-16
A: The gun is 10.5 inches from front to rear. It stands just over 6 inches in height. Thanks for your interest!