Project Object #15: Barqs Root Beer 1992 Soviet Stuff Set: USSR Pins, Ribbon, Stamp, Gorbachev Tatoo

I originally listed this item in a 10 day ebay auction with a starting price of $7.50. It went through several rounds with no takers. I lowered the price to $4.99. It went through several more rounds before selling on May 12, 2016 with one bid of $4.99.

artifactlandscape9 description:

This set of “Soviet Stuff” is from a Barqs Root Beer promotional campaign in 1992. As the Soviet Union crumbled, Barqs seized on the empire’s downfall to sell their root beer in the U.S.  The promotion was billed as a Soviet Union Going Out of Business Sale. Working with contacts in the Russian Mafia, Barqs officials traveled to Russia and bought warehouse loads of unwanted Soviet schwag as the communist bureaucracy crumbled. For  proofs of purchase and 50 cents shipping and handling, Barqs drinkers could cash in on the demise of the “Evil Empire” and get a box of Soviet memorabilia to celebrate the end of the Cold War.

This set of “Soviet Stuff ” is complete and has sat in its plastic box since it was received in 1992. The set contains two Soviet pins, a ribbon, a postage stamp, a Mikhail Gorbachev birthmark tatoo, and the Barqs certificate of authenticity for the “Soviet Stuff” contained within. Resist the beginning of a new Cold War and remember the ending of the first with these mind blowing pieces of cola and communist history!

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