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Project Object #17: Yard Sale

July 3, 2016

In May, we held a two weekend yard sale at the East Brewton House. The majority of the items came from Emily’s Dad who has been living in a nursing home for the last year and a half following a life changing event. He no longer needs the majority of his belongings. A lot of them had been sitting in his abandoned car on a relative’s property basking in the hot Alabama sun for a year. We decided to clear out the car and liberate his belongings and sell most of them in a yard sale. The sale was augmented by various items left in the Brewton house, some items procured from Em’s mom, and some miscellany of our own.

We kicked off the yard sale on May 13, 2016. We set the sale up under the covered porch and carport of the Brewton House. Located just off Hwy. 41 (a.k.a. Florida Street) on the southern edge of East Brewton, the house gets a lot of traffic flowing by. With strategically placed signs, a Craiglist posting, and the location on a major thoroughfare, business was good on Friday.┬áThe sale continued on Saturday with steady business. We decided to continue the sale on Sunday. With the Bible Belt location, Sunday was a bust. We had one customer. Lesson learned. People don’t yard sale on Sundays in the Lower Alabama Bible Belt.

We had a good amount of product left and bolstered it with some more items accrued over the next week. We decided to run the sale on Friday and Saturday (May 20 and 21). Business was decent and worth our while to rehash the sale for a second weekend. When the dust settled we had made $430 and got rid of the majority of the stuff. The leftovers were doled out to the thrift stores of Brewton.

We met an interesting cross section of Lower Alabama humanity and learned some valuable lessons. These included: the necessity of crowd control; the irony of selling Wranglers at a Levi’s man house; Em’s grandfather (the Levi’s man who owned a Levi’s store in Brewton) started the Quarterback Club at W.S. Neal High and was inducted posthumously into the W.S. Neal Football Hall of Fame for his lifetime of support; and if you use the dickering technique of only having $20, as one gentleman did, make sure your wife doesn’t later decide to buy something else, opens the glove box, and pulls out a large wad of cash. He did get some free embroidery out of the deal.

Price to sell!