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Project Object #20: Pontiac Logo Key Ring Cobb Pontiac Cadillac Inc. Montgomery, Alabama

February 13, 2017

This key ring came from the belongings of my father in law. I listed it on ebay in a 7 day auction with a starting bid price of $.99. It sold with one bid for $.99 and shipped to Virginia.

artifactlandscape9 description:

White key ring with silver graphics adorned with the Pontiac emblem on the front and info. for Cobb Pontiac Cadillac Inc. of Montgomery, Alabama on the back. Measures 3″ with its ring.


Ween Missoula

July 2, 2010

On May 30 we went to see Ween in Missoula at The Wilma. It was beautiful. Ween channeling other dimensions of rock under Boognish’s watchful eyes. Smoke Billowed and rock descended. My mind was blown.  Emily and I attended with Fred and Jody. A quartet to be rocked. Kudos to Jody’s foresight at acquiring tickets.  Em and I drove up from Gardiner on Sunday morning for the concert that evening. Doors opened at 7 and Ween kicked off, sans opening act, shortly after the 8 pm start. They played for three hours. Mas o menos. Previous to the concert we hung at Jody and Casey’s new home with Saul, Ellie, Jody, Casey, Fred, Christina, and Tolliver. 3 of the party 6 or under. We slept at Jody and Casey’s  after the concert and hung out the next day for breakfast and lunch. I hiked up to the M on Mt. Jumbo with the clan while Em toured the University of Montana Art School. We headed home to Gardiner after lunch. Below is Ween’s setlist for the May 30, 2010 Missoula, Montana show. All Hail Boognish!

don’t shit where you eat
take me away
don’t get to close to my fantasy
transdermal celebration
even if you don’t
Bananas &  Blow
learning 2 love
piss up a rope
my own bare hands (totally rocking dude! you don’t even know!)
voodoo lady
did you see me
Buckingham green
your party
let’s dance (cover of David Bowie, spot on)
johnny on the spot
pandy fackler
stroker ace
touch my tooter
powder blue
ocean man

the mollusk

its gonna be alright

the roses are free
awesome sound (going down!)
freedom of ’76

baby bitch
spinal meningitis
bison burger ode to montana cosmic mindsear
you fucked up

This is a combo of how somebody and I remembered it. Order approximate. Truth is relative. Even if they didn’t play some of these songs I still heard them. Touch my Tooter, smoocher!