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Project Object #18: Vintage 1995 O.J. Simpson Trial “Guilty or Not” T-Shirt – XL 100% Cotton

February 13, 2017

This item was bequeathed to me by my sister. It was picked from a coastal Texas thrift store and listed on ebay for a very high price, which was never met. After it was given to me, I listed it on ebay at a more marketable price. I listed it in a ten day auction with a starting bid price of $19.99. It sold with three bids for $21.59 and shipped to its new owner in Chicago.

artifactlandscape9 description:

Growing up in Buffalo, NY in the 1970s, I learned to admire O.J. and his feats on the football field with the Buffalo Bills. This admiration evolved with The Naked Gun. Later in life, as a Houston Rockets fan, reality struck hard as the white bronco preempted the Rockets/Knicks NBA Championship series. A morbid pop culture phenomenon unfolded as media continued its decline into “reality” infotainment and dystopian cult of personality morphed into post modern America….this pre-owned but crisp and clear T-shirt is a reminder of this disturbing historical legacy.