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Project Object #19: Pine Valley Golf Club New Jersey Logo Wilson 432 Ultra 1 Golf Ball – One Ball

February 13, 2017

This item came from Em’s dad. After a life changing event, his belongings were shoved into his car and transported to his brother’s land. Last spring, we cleaned out the car as it slowly metamorphosed into part of the landscape in the baking Lower Alabama sun. The majority of the stuff we sold at a garage sale in East Brewton, AL in spring 2016 and donated the left overs to three Brewton thrift stores. Prime pieces and unique items were picked to keep or sell on ebay and other venues. This item was one of those pieces. I listed it on ebay in a seven day auction with a starting bid of $4. It sold with 5 bids for $5.57 and shipped to Pennsylvania.

artifactlandscape9 description:

This is a lone, unpackaged ball brought home from Pine Valley Golf Club, New Jersey as an on shelf souvenir. The ball looks unused with crisp graphics of the Pine Valley logo (see photos).