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Project Object #16: Ross Neehan Foundry #15 Cast Iron Farm Bell

May 21, 2016

This bell was bolted to a post in the yard of the East Brewton, AL house we have been caretaking for the past six months. The house was owned by my wife’s grandfather and step grandmother. My mother-in-law inherited the house when they passed. She is trying to sell the house, and we have been caretaking it as it sits on the market. Getting the bell and its rusted nuts and bolts off the post was a bit of an ordeal but well worth the effort. After sawing the top of the post off, I was able to break off the pieces of the chunk of wood that came with the bolts and finally able to get the nuts off the bolts. I listed the item on the Pensacola Craigslist, the closest to East Brewton, with a $150 asking price. After two weeks on Craigslist, an inquiry was made and the individual offered $120. We took the offer and the bell found a new and loving home.

Pensacola Craigslist description:

This #15 cast iron farm bell was manufactured by the Ross Neehan Foundry Co. of Chattanooga, TN. The date of the bell is unknown. The bottom of the bell is 14.5″ in diameter, and the height of the bell itself is 9.5″. The bell’s yoke is 17″ wide at its crank and 9″ wide at its top. The bell’s clapper is 10″ long with a 2.5″ diameter clapper ball.

The bell comes with its original upright. The upright is 18″ tall. It is 4.5″ wide at its bottom, 15″ wide at its top, and 19″ wide at its widest point. The upright has three bolt holes in it. The original three 7″ long bolts are rusted and should likely be replaced. However, the original bolts and their nuts will come with the bell for reference or use. The bell is fully functional, finely aged, and sounds great!